Slavery And Passages That Provokes Emotional Responses From The Book ' It Is Safe

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After examining and critically thinking about the way in Equino’s write his book, it is safe to say that Equiano wrote it to promote anti-slavery. Even though he might have said directly in his book, but been able to write this book alone shows the most powerful indictment of slavery. Back then, Enslaved people then did not have the right whatsoever to speak of the institution of slavery. In short, this paper will show the powerful indictment of slavery and passages that provokes emotional responses from the reader.
Equiano talks about when he first arrived on the coast; he first saw a slave ship. He says he was immediately handled and tossed up to see if he was sound, and he felt that he would be killed. During the boat ride, the enslaved people faced harsh conditions. He states, “ One White man particular I saw, when we were permitted to be on deck, flogged for unmercifully with large rope near the foremast, that he dies consequence of it; and they tossed him over the side as they would done a brute ” (Equiano, 49). This evidence demonstrates how the enslaved people were even treated worse than animals. These overseers did not care if the lives of these enslaved were in bad conditions or not. All they cared about was making money out of them. The lives of the Enslaved people did not matter because they were perceived as less than human.
In chapter five, Equiano talks how he has been traded many of times and is out right sick of it and wants nothing to do with slavery.
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