Slavery And The African American Community

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Slaves did not migrate to America for work they were force to migrate and work. Most slaves were captured and sold to Europeans in order to build America. Slaves never had a chance during their enslavement to have the same opportunities of choosing to work like the Europeans. Slaves were force to come to America and utilize their skills and knowledge pertaining to agriculture because Europeans did not have the knowledge in how to sustain agriculture. Slaves were stripped from their family, freedom, and happiness in order to build America. After slaves were freed they were oppressed and their identity was destroyed. Now, in today society the African American community is looked upon as being deviant and having no family structure. The author at McGraw- Hill textbook publishing has failed to acknowledge that Africans were exploited for labor. Many individual have wondered what the America economy would like if slavery did not exist. From an historical perspective, the United States economy would be nonexistence because slaves controlled their resources. According to Lewis (36), slaves raised ninety percent of the cotton, tobacco, rice, and sugar. These goods helped to provide goods to be exported for trade and profit. During the 17th and 18th century the economy was based on agriculture. Africans had the ability to develop crops. Slaves were the reason why the economic structure in the South was booming. In addition, slaves were seen as precious property for many slave
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