Slavery And The Civil War

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Slavery Slavery was one of the biggest controversies in American history. The beliefs about slavery mostly varied from the North to the South but also varied from state to state and sometimes even among family members. All of these different views caused conflicts to arise in America and slavery soon became a huge contributing factor to the Civil War. The core beliefs of anti-slavery societies differed from those of the slavery societies. Abolitionists believed that slavery was a moral and national sin. They also believed that all Americans had an obligation to help put slavery to an end. They believed that they could gradually free the slaves and return them back to their homes in Africa. After reviewing the facts, the abolitionists calculated that the cost to transport all slaves back to Africa would be astronomical, and nearly impossible. Consequently, deciding that the possibility of that idea becoming a reality was not probable. However, the Abolitionists realized that fighting for the freedom of slaves was a must and of a high priority. They continued to search for a legal means to disrupt slavery in America for good. Abolitionists began to call for the freedom of all slaves immediately. Most of the people who opposed slavery were driven by their religious beliefs. Quakers were one of these groups who believed that all people are equal and should be treated that way. Other anti-slavery groups were driven by the fact that slavery was a direct violation of the

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