Slavery And The End Of Freedom

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Prior to 1650, the majority of Africans lived a relatively peaceful life in which they were able to enjoy their freedom. However, their lives rapidly changed when Europeans arrived in their homeland. The early sixteen hundreds was the beginning of slavery and the end of freedom for many Africans. Getting shipped into a new country against your will would certainly be a traumatic and painful adjustment. The Africans had to overcome unfathomable obstacles just to survive the journey to America. Slavery was just gaining popularity in this time period, seeing as newly founded colonials in America were looking for labor to assist in farming and building. This time period was all about discovering new beginnings. For example, the time it took to figure out religion for the country. Religion itself is a major aspect in everyone’s life. All in all, the status of the Africans coming to America at this time was a big deal because it was the start of slavery and a drastic lifestyle change for many African without knowing what is in store for them. The Terrible Transformation was the boom of slavery in North America. The transformation was so drastic because what was starting to happen to them would lead onto their children and keep it going to the next generation. The sad thing about this transformation, it was all about what color you are and your status, nothing else mattered. During this time the racial hierarchy was unbelievable. I could not imagine living a life in which you
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