Slavery And The Making Of America

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The film “Slavery and The Making Of America” covered the beginning of American slavery in the British colonies until the end of slavery in the southern states and post-civil war reconstruction. This film shows viewers remarkable stories of individual slaves, providing new perspectives on how unjust the slaves experiences were, and besides all the trouble they were facing still having to survive and shape their own lives. The British colonies in North America had an abundance of land and a scarcity of labor ended up producing money crops with the forced labor of African slaves, literally being treated as if they were machines for production.

In the 1620s, the first 11 men of African decent to be used as slaves were struggling to arrange
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Achieving their assignments was for the real value for their owners, not their own personal well being and worst of all not knowing when they were going to be free again. African slaves intelligently knew that in European beliefs, Christians were not allowed to enslave another Christian, so they tried to convert to Christianity to create a space in which they could negotiate for better freedom, but in reality this was only to increase their hope and faith, because this did not helped them at all.

Impressively company owners created a new system called “half slave” for the enslaved Africans by letting them think they had a better life and more wealth when in fact company owners were generating more wealth and at the same time letting the slaves believe there was a chance to have better lives. The evidence that this was never true was the fact that slaves children were never set free, generations of the same family were owned; this is why the whole community of African American slaves was vulnerable. As viewers watch this series of episodes they suggest unusual ways of seeing how wealth, power, and property came to define liberty in America. At this time to be free as a black person ironically meant that you were going to be underprivileged and insignificant. Slavery trading had
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