Slavery And The Making Of American Capitalism

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:Slavery and the making of American Capitalism

Back when America was being shaped, tobacco was the main slave produced trade in the colonies. Plantations all across the south had a majority of the slaves from Africa brought here on ships. Forced to work for their slave owners. Tobacco wasn 't the only booming business. Cotton soon came into the picture, the north was a more industrial economy, while the south remained agricultural. The most important economic development in the mid-19th century was the shift from the upper south to lower south. The upper south relied on tobacco , it was very unstable , and the land was used. So the shift to cotton was a necessity.
Slavery was huge in america, and it even lead to a civil war, it lasted a very long time, from 1619-1865. We still struggle with slavery today because we still struggle with its legacy. Without cotton the north would not have been able to industrialize, at least not as quickly because cotton textiles were one of the first industrially produced products and the most important commodity in world trade by the 19th century. Almost every plantation owner bought slaves. The south was so plowed into slaves there was little room for technological advances, like railroads, I think the south sucked at the civil war thing because of that reason. In short slavery dominated the south, shaping it both economically and culturally. It’s
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