Slavery And The Slave Trade Essay

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Slaves were significantly important to both Southern America and Northern America; both regions profited greatly from the slave trade. While Northern America were focusing on manufacturing, Southern America were considering to increase slavery so that they could use them in their agricultural places. Most of the slaves were from Africa, who were forcibly brought to America. The journey from Africa to America was not that easy though. Many of them died on the way to America because of the brutal condition of the journey. They risked their life to come to America with the hope of getting a better life in America. However, will they be accepted well and treated equally by new people in America? Will the new land give them new better life? Will the new land be actually better than their homeland? The treatment of slaves in America depended on slave owners, conditions, times, and places, though, generally majority of slaves had to face with brutality, degradation, and inhumanity. Slavery was one of the most significant issues in American history. Technically, slaves provided America economy, especially during the Antebellum period. Besides, they caused tensions between America two regions; the Southern states and the Northern states, over slavery issues, which was one of the reason that caused the Civil War. The influences of slavery issues didn’t end after the Civil war, it continued to the civil rights movements period and some of the equality issues are still going on till

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