Slavery And The Slave Trade

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For over 2,000 years, slavery has been conducted in various parts of the world. From year 1500 to year 1900, Europeans stole individuals from West Africa, West Central Africa, and Southeast Africa and shipped them to the different parts of the Atlantic. This process dehumanized them of their identity. Europeans stole husbands, wives, merchants, blacksmiths, farmers, and even children. They removed them from their homelands and gave them new names: slaves. European slaveholders never thought to take ownership of their actions by killing humans with brutality and degradation. Slave trade was considered popular in England and soon after more countries began the process of taking slaves to newly claimed territories. These countries include the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, and even Norway. Millions of slaves died in the process of transporting from Africa to the Western Hemisphere. This was called the African Diaspora. Slave revolts and rebellions are just a factor of what happened during this tragic time. Dehumanizing slaves was the normal and utilizing slave trade for their own benefit was high in demand as well.
Ten to sixteen million Africans survived the expedition to the New World and over one-third landed in Brazil. Of these 33% of Africans, 60 to 70 percent ended up in Brazil or on sugar colonies in the Caribbean. In 1860, six percent went to the United States, but of that, only two-thirds of slaves went to the American south. According to a chart from…

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