Slavery And The South America

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Slavery and The South The three ads about the slave runaway are seen most of them happing in the 18 and 19th in the Antebellum south and most of the ads are discussed in my paper basically coming from North Carolina. The slave runaway was considered a big issue back in that time especially for the slave owners who are relied on them to make their income and enhance their life economy. As seen on three ads and in reading different sources are pertained to slaves found that The North Carolina are relied on the slavery in terms of economy and social life style due to needing the workforce to support the cotton grown on that time (Johnson, page 2). The named slaves in the ads are Nat, tom and Bob. Based on reading many documents are observed that the black slaves running away from the south to the north sates to get there a free pass or their freedom of the slavery and that explained how much painful and hurtful the slave people had lived and faced in their slavery period of the time in serving their owner and in doing their work on that time. In the three document and ads are clearly mentioned most of the the black salve people stealing the cloth from their owners to head to the different places wherever they can get their free pass of the slavery and be not distinguished with their old or dirty cloth by wearing neat and fancy cloth are stolen in which that will not bring the eyes of the people toward them as escaped. The writers of the three ads are shown in written document

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