Slavery And The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade

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I believe that modern America’s slavery is worse than the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in the sense that no one is exempt from slavery and trafficking, and that the people who are put through this suffering are forced to do vile things, especially because today’s society is completely ignorant to the fact that this issue still exists. Slavery and human trafficking still happens to occur under the radar, and can very well be happening right next door. Slavery is worse now because back when the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) was thriving, everyone was aware about the existence of the institution, unlike now that the human race as a whole has become increasingly unaware that slavery and trafficking still occurs, but we choose to not think about it and ignore it, or even in some cases, people don’t even know the real severity of the slavery issue in present America. The very nature of slavery has changed and evolved into a more violent, secretive, aggressive, system that comes in different forms that all feed off the unwilling victims who are forced to endure unspeakable things. Slavery at this very moment is increasingly worse in the notion that no one is exempt from being a potential victim of slavery; gender, race, age, or national origin do not matter when it comes to holding someone captive. In addition, there have been laws and acts established in the prevention of slavery since the TAST, but they have not been enforced and the need for new and improved laws is high as
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