Slavery And The Underground Railroad

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Slavery was a horrific action that took place for hundreds of years., The Underground Railroad was a way to escape this atrocity. The Underground Railroad was not an actual railroad that was underground, but instead a system of homes and places that would house runaway slaves and help them to escape to the North. The Underground Railroad was a dangerous thing, but had the great reward of, freedom for slaves, if theyyou successfully completed the challenge. It took great courage and bravery to take the chance to run away and become free. Many people would try to harm the runaways and would do anything to send them back to the slavery they wanted to escape from. Even with all these challenges the slaves found it worth the risk for the freedom, and many have told their stories of hardships and hope of freedom. The Underground Railroad did no 't always have a name, it was just a process, sometimes organized into a network but most of the time not, in which slaves escaped north to the free states. The free states were the north, because the Ssouth still believed in slavery while the Nnorth wanted to end it. The term The Underground Railroad was used by George Washington in the 1780s but didn 't pick up until the 1830s. “... it was common by the mid-1840s to speak and write of the Underground Railroad as a clandestine system for runaway slaves.” (Blight).” The people who helped in the Underground Railroad were called conductors. Most of the conductors were escaped slaves that
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