Slavery And The United States

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Slavery in the United Sates ended in the nineteenth century due to the Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Abraham Lincoln. Sadly, that was only the end of legal slavery. Today a modern form a slavery still continues not only in the United Sates but other countries as well. Some forms of modern slavery are human trafficking, forced marriage, and forced labor. According to Employee Relations Law Journal “slavery is where ownership is exercised over a person, where individuals are coerced into providing their services or do so under threat of a penalty.”(Whincup, Garbett, & McNicholas Spring 2014 65) Human trafficking is the act of capturing a person with the intention to sell and/or abuse them for economic gain. There are three…show more content…
Since there is bare minimum medical care provided, many women suffer from pregnancy complications due to sexually transmitted diseases. While some women are allowed to continue their pregnancy, a large number undergo abortions also with limited medical care. Addiction is another health condition many captives of trafficking suffer with. Some use addiction to cope with the realities of the lifestyle, while for others their addiction is the cause of trafficking. The substances that are typically abused are: alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin , and opioids (Stoklosa, MacGibbon, & Stoklosa January 2017 26). Mental illness is a health condition that could be the cause or the result of a captive being trafficked. The AMA Journal of Ethics reports there are studies that prove a person with schizophrenia is more likely to be physically abused than a person without (Stoklosa, MacGibbon, & Stoklosa January 2017 26). As a result of the abusive nature of trafficking captives can develop high rates of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and attempted suicide (Stoklosa, MacGibbon, & Stoklosa January 2017 27). As expected there are bodily injuries as a result of physical abuse, rape, and the use of drugs. Forced marriage is when one or both

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