Slavery And War

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This essay will review the issue of slavery and war in the documentary "Death and the Civil War" and the films "12 Years a Slave" and "Lincoln". The essay will look at the impact the Civil War had on the American people as a result of the unexpected number of casualties and the federal government’s response to address this concern. Second, it will discuss of effect of slavery on a freed African American and the treatment endured during his enslavement. Lastly, it will discuss Abraham Lincoln's reason for and challenges faced with having the Thirteenth Amendment ratified. The Americans didn’t know how to cope with the staggering casualties of the Civil War because they didn’t expect that many people to get caught in the cross fire of the war. The reason I say this is because bodies were left all over the towns the wars battled in. Americans realized it wasn’t morally right to just leave the bodies in the battlefields or…show more content…
They needed 2/3 support in the House of Representatives. Second, the amendment had already failed 10 months before. Third, he needed Democrats to support the amendment. Finally, some supported the amendment, if passing it would end the war, but Lincoln and his party feared that if the war ended before the amendment was passed their support would disappear. The theme that ties the films “Death and the Civil War”, “12 Years a Slave” and the movie “Lincoln” was slavery. In the film Death and the Civil War slavery was the reason for the war, when Emancipation Proclamation was passed many slaves went into the war to become free. In the film “12 Years a Slave”, the entire movie was about how Solomon Northup was a free man and because slavery was still legal he was kidnapped and forced into slavery. In the film, “Lincoln”, it was about Lincoln working to get the 13th amendment passed to not only get abolish slavery but to end the
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