Slavery: Are African Americans Free Or Free?

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“Between the arrival of the first Black American in Jamestown in 1619 and the end of the civil war, the dark cloud of slavery cast it’s shadow over much of this nation’s history”. Slavery has had a big impact for centuries on Black Americans, it is a sad truth that we must face, although we may not want to blame ourselves for it it is our race that started it. Hate is a big word but, it meant so little back then and even sometimes now Black Americans are hated throughout the world. There are many causes as to what provoked the uprising of slavery, even Blacks who are free are not truly free. First and foremost Blacks are restricted under certain rules they must follow and are outlawed among everyone. The cause of this is their social standing, they are not wanted by anyone but, their own race. They did have some disadvantages but, their economic rights were restricted. They…show more content…
Some of the ways that Blacks were free in society are, some could have an early education, some were able to work and they were allowed to pay taxes. Going back to the early education, it might seem like a great idea for them to have an early education but, it was really torture. They would go through all their schooling but, when they went to get a job they were limited to the extreme. Since they were black and most whites owned a business they could not work at what they were most skilled at, they would end up with a job for a lower class. There were more restrictions than freedoms for Black Americans. Restrictions such as, nobody wanting to hire them, they weren’t allowed to take care of whites when they were sick, and many schools were separate from each other. Education is important to anyone but, to blacks it was very hard to get into a school at all because, of their race. The rules even went as far as not being allowed to dine with any white families. (Doc C, B
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