Slavery, Colonialism and Capitalism

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Slavery, Colonialism and Capitalism, it can be said that there is a relationship between these three systems. There are many different views on this topic, the main views being the Liberal-pluralists and the Radical revisionists who understand this relationship from different perspectives. To prove the connection between these three systems that impacted many countries this essay shall make close reference to a number of sources.
Cedric Robinson (1984: 57) discusses the fact that slavery lead to the growth in capitalism as the sole goal of this system is to make a profit; the use of slaves did just that. In America slavery was the substance of the social structure as well as the factory systems which are essential to the growth of capitalism. The social structure was that the white race was superior to any other race and the black race had to be subordinate to them, slaves were dictated by capitalists (slave owners). Not only was slavery important to the American society but also to the French communities (Robinson, 1984:46) as without ‘slavery and the slave trade there would be no economic basis for the French Revolution (Robinson, 1984:46).’ Slavery was also a source of profit, (Robinson, 1984:44) slave owners not only got involved with the trade of goods but also the trade of slaves across the Atlantic and Indian Ocean (About.Com, 2012).
There is also a link between Colonialism and Slavery, South Africa was colonialized in 1652 by the Dutch (South African History Online,
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