Slavery Dbq

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The time period from 1775 to 1830 was full of changes. The United States was developing into its own country, with its own freedoms. As the government began to settle, the issue of slavery was ever present. Nobody was quite sure of how to handle slavery. While some people fought to have slavery abolished, others completely opposed the idea of no longer having slaves. It was during this time period that many slaves managed to gain their freedom; however slavery as an institution continued to expand. Even though the many states passed laws outlawing the practice of slavery, the slave trade in the states that still allowed slavery grew immensely. During The Revolutionary War, The British Army called upon slaves and indentured servants to…show more content…
Religion gave the African American hope, for they selected stories from the bible that applied to their lives of oppression, and it helped them to see freedom. Religion was extremely important to the freed people because it gave them a place to all be together as a community (Doc D). Although they weren’t fully granted all the same basic rights as a white man, freed slaves were still very grateful to many whites. They even saw whites as “instruments in the hand of God,” for the whites not only helped them achieve freedom, but helped them to have better lives (Doc E). Not all whites were radical abolitions who wanted complete and total rights for African Americans, but some took a more moderate standpoint. They still supported the abolitionist cause, but were more fond of the American Colonization Society (Doc H). They merely wanted everyone to revert back to their old ways of life, as if slavery had never taken place. Even some slave owners weren’t completely opposed to the idea of freeing their slaves, and would let their own slaves purchase their freedom (Doc F). In a sense, this shows that slavery was dying out on its own. Freedom for all slaves seemed to be inevitable. While the time period from 1775 to 1830 may seem like an era of freeing slaves and ending slavery, the institution of slavery expanded. The North may have been abolishing slavery, but slavery continued to grow rapidly in the south (Doc C). Having slaves was just economically efficient for
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