Slavery During American History Slave

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Throughout American history slave has resist their master, the system and the idea of slavery. These resistance has became of a key stone in the history of slavery. To understand what these resistance is, we will look at incident of the past to analyze how slave in the past resisted their master, the system and the idea of slavery. If the enemies of the slave were to have a face then it would be the face of their master. The master of slaves are the owner of slaves. there is a misconception that during the time of slavery. That all whites have slaves at their disposal. However, this is not the case. Only a few whites own slave categorized by the number of slave owned--farmer and plantation owner. Only a very small percent are plantation owner and within those small percent are whites that own more than hundreds of slave. These one percent of one percent would be thought to be the "bad guys" of the slave life in our point of view but in reality, "no matter how humane a master might be, he or she could sell a slave with little or no discomfort." In other words all owner are all the same. But how does this relate in resistance from the slave. To answer that question we look at the article by Bennett Barrow--"Plantation Rules." Within this documentation, Bennett Barrow wrote in his diary about rules that a master should place on their slaves. The rules itself is rather simple; however, it reveals an indirect way on how the slave are resisting their master. there is no…
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