Slavery During The 19th Century

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Slavery, an issue never addressed in the 19th century, but needed to be. It was a huge, controversial subject in the past, affecting the blacks, as well as the people of the North and South due to their strong beliefs and differences in opinion. Southerners treated slaves poorly because they believed they were better than African Americans. Though, we are all equal, the majority of people did not see the world that way back then. Slavery was unfair and had a horrible effect on the slaves. Although slavery caused slaves to suffer and divided America, it did motivate some people to use their voice to make a difference.
Northerners opposed slavery. They observed the cruel treatment and decided to act on it. The people of the North had a huge impact on the slave’s lives, which determined life from then on. People in North America ran away in groups of men and women. They wanted to create their own individual community to build a strong foundation for themselves that would have a positive impact on others. Religion was a major topic discussed among these people. Some people decided to come together, which is how the Quakers formed. Quakers feared the whole idea of slavery and wanted slavery abolished. In the hopes of determining slavery’s fate, they fought and chose to isolate themselves from the South and proceeded with their life, the way they had intended. Many other religious groups felt the same way. For instance, the Religious Society of Friends was prominent in the

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