Slavery During The Colonial Period Essay

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Cheng Qian CIN: 303520717 History 202A Course Number: 17606 2/14/16 Freed Slaves During the colonial period, a lot of black slaves were brought into the land of America; the population of black slaves in the south plantation once reached the amount of 500,000 and they were oppressed by their masters, which are the white people with privilege. The black slaves did not have any freedoms, and even their lives belong to their masters, they could be tortured, killed, or transferred to other people as their masters wished. But nearly the same time of the Independence of the United States, the abolition movement began; most people believed that the behavior of owning and enslaving was against the spirit of building the nation. The abolitionists advocated to free the black slaves, but some of them believed that black people were inborn different with the whites naturally, and they thought that the freed blacks would not accept the American system and laws, and feared the freed blacks would disturb their social order and their society, so they could not leave the freed slaves in the country but should send them overseas and have them live in their own land; thus, the first freed slaves were transported into the land of Africa, then the first freed black slaves’ home was settled in Liberia. Many historians believe that Liberia is an absolute colony, and it is not formed by the white Europeans but the freed black slaves from America. Thinking of the American Colonization, the black
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