Slavery During The Revolutionary War

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Slavery during the revolutionary War Slavery was a legal system in which people of the dark color did not have the same rights as white people did, and they were treated as they were a property. It started in 1619 in Virginia where the slaves were brought in North America to do labor jobs. They would immediately become slaves as soon as they get captured, or if they were born into a slave family. Slaves were treated very badly from their owners, and they were forced to do labor jobs without getting paid, they did not have proper homes and nor did they have any rights because they were legally considered as property. George Washington, the first president of America was born into a family that also owned slaves, and once he married his wife Martha Dandrig Custis, he gained a lot more slaves. However, his views on slavery changed during the American Revolutionary War. He saw slaves fearlessly fighting in the Continental Army in 1775, and he also noticed some places that did not have slavery and the agriculture were well developed. Also, during the American Revolution George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette developed a special bond together which soon led to them agreeing that they both opposed slavery. The only way to abolish slavery was to develop a program of gradual emancipation, in the legislative system. The American Revolutionary War was a turning point in the black history where George Washington came at realization that

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