Slavery El Salvador

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POSITION PAPER FIRST PARAGRAPH 14 Million: Almost half of the world’s slaves are found in third world countries. This practice still continues today in a form in every country in the world. From prostitution to domestic work. According to the International Labour Organization around 21 million men, women and children are in a form of forced work without getting pay. Many forms of slavery are happening right now, for example: Bonded Labour, Child Slavery, Early and forced marriage, Forced Labour, Descent-based slavery, Trafficking, etc. SECOND PARAGRAPH El Salvador is making significant efforts on eliminate human trafficking, they are increasing the number of inspections of child slavery in the country as compared to 2012. The government has sustained partnerships with neighbouring foreign governments in pursuing joint anti-trafficking investigations.…show more content…
Salvadoran authorities has been helping the victims and has reduced the number of human trafficking in the last year with the support of other countries from south america. THIRD PARAGRAPH The solution for modern slavery and human trafficking needs to be analysed and very effective. Laws, organisations and campaigns are some of the options that are available for everyone where you can join them and follow their goals. There’s a committee calles ‘’Comite Nacinal Contra la Trata de Personas’’where they specialize in the search of traffickers and help the victims, also they receive help from citizens that want to help. The ‘’Ley Especial Contrata la Trata de Personas’’has been in action since 2014 and is one of the principal sources to combat this issue in El
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