Slavery Has Become A Big Hit For The Film Industry

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In recent years the topic of slavery has become a big hit for the film industry. Films like Ben Hur, Spartacus, Gladiator, D’jango Unchained, and Twelve Years A Slave all shared the same theme of slavery. These films tell stories of slaves and the terrible hardship of being held captive. Due to its thought-provoking nature films about slavery have become a reoccurring manifestation in the film industry. As a result of their popularity, slavery has been morphed into an almost glamorized notion. Movies like Ben Hur, Spartacus, and Gladiator have become prime examples of the way the film industry has succeeded in glamorizing a subject as disgusting as slavery. Slave movies, especially those that revolve around gladiators, glamorize the state…show more content…
This is demonstrated when Proximo gives Maximus the advice that ultimately help him become one of his best gladiator. He tells him “Listen to me. Learn from me. I wasn 't the best because I killed quickly. I was the best because the crowd loved me. Win the crowd and you 'll win your freedom.” This advice is what delivered the turning point of Maximus gladiator career. Proximo’s words inspired Maximus to win the crowd’s support and thus become invincible. The support of the crowd allowed him to blatantly defy Commodus without fear. Another instance where the kindness of Proximo was shown was when he decides to help his gladiators and Maximus escape from Commodus and his Praetorian guards. Proximo gave Maximus the key ring to the cells to help his gladiators get away. Instances of kindness from the slave owner were also seen in Spartacus. Batiatus finds Spartacus at the Roman salt mine being starved for bad behavior. He buys Spartacus and takes him to his gladiatorial school to train. Here Batiatus promises the slaves that they will be treated exceptionally well. He says “A gladiator 's like a stallion: He must be pampered. You 'll be oiled, bathed...shaved, massaged, taught to use your heads. A good body with a dull brain is as cheap as life itself!” He goes on to promise them physical pleasure if they please him. He promises to give them the companionship of young
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