Slavery In Monrovia

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American Colonization Society Founded in 1817 the society had advocated the relocation of free blacks and freed slaves to the African colony of Monrovia, present-day Liberia. The public and private funds raised by the American Colonization Society led to the settlement of approximately thirteen thousand African Americans in West Africa by 1867 and the establishment of the independent nation of Liberia. The organization’s guiding philosophy represented a middle ground between abolitionists and proslavery advocates. Patroller Slave patrols (called patrollers, pattyrollers or paddy rollers by the slaves) were organized groups of white men who monitored and enforced discipline upon black slaves in the antebellum U.S. southern states. Slave…show more content…
The mainly work from sunup to sundown six days a week. Under the task system or task labor, these slave cultivate rice. This system give the slave more control over the pace of labor. With less supervision they can complete their work in an 8 hour shift. Task labor work side by side with their master rather than slave gangs. How successful were the Vesey Conspiracy and Nat Turner's Insurrection? American History V1, p.250, states that the Vesey Conspiracy was nipped in the bud, meaning it wasn't successful. But even so it did convince South Carolinians that blacks we the Jacobins of the country. On the other hand the Nat Turners Insurrection was very quelled in just 48 hours. Both added to white suspicion of future rebellion, which causes white to be on the lookout. In what ways did members of the planter society shape themselves as an aristocracy? A few of the richest and most secure plantation families did aspire to live like a traditional landed aristocracy, and visiting English nobility accepted them as equaly. Big houses, elegant carriages, fancy dress balls and multitudes of house servants all reflect aristocratic aspirations
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