Slavery In The United States Essay

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Throughout this course we learned about slavery and it's effects on our country and on African Americans. Slavery and racism is prevalent throughout the Americas before during and after Thomas Jefferson's presidency. Some people say that Jefferson did not really help stop any of the slavery in the United States. I feel very differently and I will explain why throughout this essay. Throughout this essay I will be explaining how views of race were changed in the United States after the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, and how the events of the Jeffersonian Era set the stage for race relations for the nineteenth century.
"Nobody wishes more ardently to see an abolition, not only of the trade, but of the condition of slavery; and certainly,
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This is where people say that Thomas Jefferson is very hypocritical, and wrong.
On March 2, 1807 Thomas Jefferson signed a bill that would stop the slave trade on January 1, 1808. The slave trade was not only a problem with the government it was a problem morally for everyone part of it. Jefferson was the one who really got the wheels turning in the issue of abolishing slavery in the United States. In 1790 a law was passed that prohibited any US citizen from participating in the slave trade with foreign ports. Also another law was passed in 1794, and it said that no one can give parts, help fix, ro help any vessels that are used for slave trading. As you can see form all of these laws that before during and after the Jeffersonian era the United States was trying to put a stop to slavery without going through a civil war.
In 1787 the United States made up the ordinance of 1787, this banned any slavery north of the Ohio River. This made the north the place to be for runaway slaves. The north was a place where all runaway slaves can go and be free. This was very good for the slaves and the northern colonies because of the strong moral obligations that northern settlers had against slavery. Also another good thing that congress passed in favor of African Americans was the 3/5 ordinance. This said that slaves could vote but if five slaves voted than it would only count as 3 votes. This was

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