Slavery In Toni Morrison's Beloved

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Imagine being chained, being forced to live in a different place and having no freedom. In the United States, slavery went on for years; causing many horrific effects on people. Toni Morrison explores the topic of slavery in her book through the characters of Sethe and Paul D. In the story Beloved, Sethe and Paul D are former slaves who suffers in a place called Home Sweet. They both escaped slavery, but are still trying to live a new, free life, but their past isn’t allowing them too. All of Sethe’s devastating memories continue to go on in her mind which lead her in the attempt of the murder of her children, Beloved and Denver. Although, it turns out she is only able to kill Beloved. But later on, Beloved comes back to revenge on Sethe for her actions. Toni Morrison uses conflict, character development and symbolism to show that slavery continues to haunt those who are former slaves even when they’re free. To begin, the author mainly uses conflict to show that slavery continues to haunt ex-slaves. While Sethe and Paul D are talking about their past, Paul D finds out Sethe’s secret that she kept hidden for years. Her secret is that she had killed her oldest daughter, Beloved. Paul D is in disbelief when he hears Sethe is defending the murder of her child when she states, "It ain't my job to know what's worse. It's my job to know what is and to keep them away from what I know is terrible. I did that” (194). Sethe realizes that she doesn’t have any other option. She
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