Slavery Is A Fundamental Part Of American History

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Velasco, Victor R/ST 302 Question #1 Slavery is a fundamental part of American history and this country would not be where it is if it were not for the importation of the African American people, albeit against their wills this was a cornerstone of our country. Slavery is defined as a relationship in which absolute power and control is exerted over an individual’s life effectively leaving them with no liberty or much chance at a life of freedom as American citizens. Slavery overall cannot be attributed to being a good thing, at all really but it has existed in one-way or another around the word. African Americans are easily able to identify with the experiences that that Hebrew slaves have gone through but on a much extremer scale. There are some similarities but mostly differences when it comes to the two cultures for example; Moses was a figure in ancient times and there is someone just like him in the 20th century that will be discussed. The story of the Exodus originates from Egypt, and it has shaped how the Jewish people are throughout history . Briefly summed up, the story describes the experience of the Israelites under Egyptian enslavement, God 's promise to liberate them from slavery, God 's punishment of the Egyptians, and the Israelite redemption and parting from Egypt. The Exodus saga has been understood and reinterpreted in just about every era and in every location to become or challenge existing cultural customs. The outcome over time has resulted in an
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