Slavery Is A Horrible And Ancient Practice That Still Exists Today

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Africa Project: Crucial Points
-Big Idea: My big idea for this portfolio is, “Slavery is a horrid and ancient practice that still exists today”. I chose this as my big idea because it explains that slavery is a cruel and unjust practice, and it has existed for centuries in this world. However, even though slavery is officially abolished in all parts of the United States, it is not abolished in the entire world. In fact, there are more slaves in the world today than any other time period. Currently, there is a staggering 3 million slaves today! Many modern day slaves are forced to work or endure abuse, with little to no pay, every single day.
-Enduring Understanding: My enduring understanding for this portfolio is, “The past affects humans, and humans affect the future.” I chose this as my enduring understanding, because it explains that past actions can affect humans right now, but our actions today can possibly impact the future, whether it is good or bad.
-Overarching Question:
My overarching question for this portfolio is, “How did decisions and/or actions significantly transform people’s lives?” I chose this question, because it shows that sometimes, people’s decisions and actions can significantly change other people’s lives, sometimes intentionally, sometimes as an indirect result. It depends on the situation and decision which determines if the change has made the person’s life better or worse.
When the Portuguese arrived in Africa, the slave-trade market had

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