Slavery Is A Very Important Topic Of America History. The

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Slavery is a very important topic of America history. The word "slavery" has many different definitions; however, only one, in particular, stands out. "Slavery is a system under which people are kept against their will and forced into labor "(Lively). In other words, slaves did not have the opportunity to make their own decisions. The working conditions were very poor; however, the more money they made, the more they could buy their way to freedom. Slavery has impacted the world today tremendously. In the 1600 's, African-Americans did not have the opportunity to read or write, whereas today Americans have the freedom to do so. Could slavery have been avoided? No; however, there were plenty of ways to prevent the states from starting a…show more content…
Frederick Douglas became an abolitionist leader once he escaped from slavery in 1838.
Slavery played an important part of our nation 's history. According to a response from reference, it states "In many ways, slavery was an economic benefit to those who owned slaves, if not the nation as a whole." ("How"). To put it differently, slaveowners did not have to pay for the majority of their workers; however, they did have to pay for slaves. In some cases, slaves could earn money from their master if they performed their tasks correctly. ‘The masters, for their part, saw small cash incentives as a way to encourage productive work habits." (Hodgman). Some slaves did not get paid if they did not do their tasks correctly. Although slaves were paid under wages, some decided to save money to buy their way into freedom. Though slaves were not allowed to do this, it was up to their master to make the decision. Every slave owner was different. "Some scholars have argued that their economic situation might not have been much better if they were freed because the conditions of the American working poor at the time were so unfavorable." ("How"). In other words, the conditions still would have been the same if slaves decided to buy their way into freedom. Slavery has both positive and negative effects. First, the worst effect of slavery was the damage left upon African-Americans minds. African-Americans have lost their loved ones by, escaping their way to freedom or disrespecting
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