Slavery Is An Important Part Of American History

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Slavery is an important part of American history regardless of what generation you come from. The topic may be an uncomfortable subject however there is a lot you can learn from the experiences and the stories slaves like Harriet Jacobs tell in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. There are several moments through her life that really challenged and complimented my understanding of slavery in American history. The incidents that really swayed me where when she found out she was pregnant, certain the lessons taught by her master, and her trip to Philadelphia. Harriet Jacobs, or Linda Brent, had a relationship with her master that involved fear and restraint. Dr. Flint, her master, was very covetous of the young slave girl refusing to sell her to another master. Although she feared him, she could not escape him and ultimately she let him take advantage of her. This incident in her life stuck out to me because it showed how slave families seriously disapprove of intercourse with their masters despite there being no consent. I had always believed that a family would understand that because the master had forced his will on you, the eyes of god would still see you as pure. The reaction by her grandmother to initially shun her and say, “You have disgraced your dead mother” seemed very harsh. In my opinion this incident is important for people to be aware of for the reason that although you may feel powerless in a situation, you can never let someone impose their will against…
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