Slavery Is Not Legal Now

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Slavery, according to Merriam Webster means “the practice of owning slaves”.  This means owning people against their will and not paying them. Slavery has been around since 1916, when the first settlers of Jamestown brought with them their slaves. Slavery also has been a debate ever since the declaration of independence, when Thomas Jefferson tried to abolish slavery but North Carolina disagreed. Owning slaves back at the time was a sign of wealth and power. The slave trade important to the culture back then because it was money making opportunity to slave owners, and by making more money meant paying more taxes, meaning that owning slaves was better to the owners, and the American economy. People think that slavery is only related to the past, not realizing that slavery is still going in the present.
Slavery is not legal now, but it still happens. According to “Researchers estimate that 21 to 36 million are enslaved worldwide, generating $150 billion each year in illicit profits for traffickers.” Apparently criminalizing and outlawing slavery did not end it; there are still people who are enslaved, just like the old days. Slaves are now enslaved to bring money to their owners, a modern day example would be those little kids walking around in the street selling anything or begging for money, those kids are being forced by the fear of violence. In the past there was a debate between either to keep or to stop slavery.
Slave owners wanted slavery to continue, and
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