Slavery Justified By George Fitzhugh

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Section A Industrialization led to a plantation dominated South in America. New inventions, such as the Cotton Gin, and the production capabilities that came with those inventions, made plantations a very lucrative business, with enough manpower. This led to the growth of slavery. Why pay workers when you can just buy a slave that is forced to work for you? Northern abolitionists got wind of the injustice and began to fight the concept of slavery and the cruelty and injustice that came with it. Some Southerners answered their arguments with various justifications for slavery. One of these people was George Fitzhugh. “Slavery Justified,” by George Fitzhugh, was more than just a pro slavery book. Inside, he wrote that the Southern way of life is the one that G-d wants everyone to be living. He created this ideal society out of Southern living. Calling it a feudal society, Fitzhugh told all about the mutual master slave relationship, and that there is a real connection between the two. With a paternalistic relationship, the masters protect and care for the slaves and in return the slaves work for them with no freedom. In contrast, the Northerners treat their workers terribly. Ever since the American Revolution, the North has been deteriorating and is full of disorder and crime, as a result of mistreated workers. According to him, the same has happened in Europe. Industrialization led to big cities, and those who work there aren 't treated well which leads to crime. Textile
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