Slavery Made A Huge Impact On America 's History

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Slavery made a huge impact on America’s history. It has been exactly 150 years since Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery. Before that, life for any slave, man or woman, was extremely rough. They tried their best to make life easy for themselves. Some became fed up with their treatment so they overtly and covertly rebelled. Overt being the open and more dangerous of the two. Covert rebellions were more of snide comments towards their master. The life and rebellions of slaves were extremely difficult, but they made do with what they had. All across early America, corn, sugar, rice and cotton were grown. Cotton being the triumphant, grew very rapidly and needed to be handled by the slaves. Cotton became very high in demand across the colonies, so the need for slaves grew immensely along with their prices. When families able to be sold together, they lived in small cabins called “the slave quarters.” Their master provided clothes, but only for winter and summer. There were many slaves who were not so fortunate, and were separated from their families. A man born as a slave, John Jefferson Smallwood, had been separated from his mother at only five months old. In the attached article, Smallwood found out he was kept by his master until the age of twenty one, did not agree with that so he took his master to trial, but lost the trial. Later, in 1890, Smallwood found his mother again when freed men were trying to bring separated families together. Once a young slave reached the age of

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