Slavery Negative Effects Essay

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For many decades, slavery has improved and build many colonies. Slavery has been the powerhouse of income, especially in low country colonies. Although other people sees slavery as brutal and savage, it is my belief that slavery’s effect is good in terms of economic and way of life of slavery.
I as a slave holder give my slaves a family figure. I give punishments when faulty choices happen. This punishment are lessons; for slaves to learn their mistakes and correct this kind of action. This is a form of discipline. I as their master, show them a proper example as a parent who loves his children. As a slave owner in South Carolina, I tend to be strict like a father for my slaves because I believe by being a strict and a disciplinary figure,
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Who would want to work in any plantation if a slave owner prohibits their slave’s native belief? That only creates negative results in my rice plantation. By allowing to practice their religion freely, it will support the institution of slavery within my plantation that slavery is good.
As a slave owner and a parent, I also believed that slave owners should act like more of a parent because we want our slaves working safe in our plantations and they should avoid engaging in accidents. Both parties will be safe. For example, I always repeat saying to my slaves that always drink lots of water while working in the fields. I have slaves that bring gallons of water so everyone keeps on drinking water while working to avoid dehydration from the hot sun. This is one good guidance from a parent. This also means I care for my slave’s health so they can bring in the table 100% of their efforts producing more rice. I am against whipping because it creates bad relationship. Therefore, slavery is good here in my plantation because my slave’s health comes first and they are well hydrated, focus, and go home happy.
As a parent, I also focus on feeding my slaves good food and give them proper clothes. By law, slaves are given a small amount of meat weekly and two pieces of clothes. I give them twice they need as a slave owner. I am probably the best master they ever had in their life or at least here in South Carolina. If we
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