Slavery Or Enslaved Objects Fit Right Into The Discourses Of Modernity

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In my opinion, slavery or enslaved objects fit right into the discourses of modernity. Paul Gilroy quoted Hegel in The Black Atlantic. “This condition is capable of no development or Culture, and as we see them at this day, such they have always been” (Gilroy 41). That is saying that blacks never have or will contribute to anything in the world. That was another reason for slave owners to treat slaves like the scum on the bottom of their shoe. If blacks aren’t doing anything to benefit us in any type of way, what’s the point of treating them like human beings? That’s probably how slave owners thought and they had a reason. If blacks weren’t getting any credit for anything and all the credit has been and will always be given to the whites, then they will always have a cause for blacks to bow down to them.
Modernity now basically means that blacks did not contribute to the modern world. When we go to school, we never hear about how a Negro did anything productive. It’s always a Caucasian person did this or that. Even in religion, Jesus is painted white. By the whites contributing to everything, it’s saying that we have to obey them and respect them. Blacks didn’t contribute to anything so they don’t have a say in anything. If we did something we would have a say and wouldn’t have to listen, because just like the Caucasian people, we contributed to the modern world too.
Blacks had taken many positions in The Black Atlantic by Paul Gilroy. Slaves, sailors, and colonized…

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