Slavery, The Shadow Of Americas Past

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Slavery, the shadow of Americas past. It is astonishing how long it took to get slavery abolished in all of the Unites States of America; however, there are logical reasons toward why the founding fathers of America did not abolish the treacherous act earlier on in America’s future. The most logical of reasons was to stop the South from seceding from the recently formed union. Due to the weak central government under the articles of confederation, the widely different North and South would not have been able to function without each other. Also, some southerners believed that the bible sanctioned slavery, while others thought that they were just too dependent on the slave labor to let it go.
The subject of slavery was always the elephant in the room. It was rarely talked about and when it was talked about, it was of the utmost secrecy. When the founding fathers were writing up the constitution they subject was not neglected to come up. In Jefferson’s original draft of The Declaration of Independence he wrote of the perverse evils of slavery and the slave trade; however, the other editors did not approve of his ideology and therefore decided to omit it from The Declaration of Independence. This may have occurred because fourteen out of the twenty-one most prominent founding fathers had slaves themselves. The subject was not brought back up until many years later. It was the eleventh of February 1790, two Quaker delegations one from New York and from Philadelphia sent in…

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