Slavery View Points Essay

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After analyzing and interpreting the speakers purpose's in “Old Plantation Days”, Speech at hartford, Connecticut from Abraham Lincoln, and Sojourner Truth's “Ain't I a Woman” I concluded what the speakers purpose was for giving or publishing their literature and their personal bias on slavery. According to the text of Abraham Lincoln, he could go either way on slavery but this is because if he chooses to turn to on side or the other, half of the country would be mad and may rebel or opt out of the “More Perfect Union” (The Country) and I believe his bias is that he thinks slavery is wrong. I can safely say Sojourner Truth is against slavey for many reasons and she has an opinion on how woman deserve rights as well as men. The speaker in “Old Plantation Days” thinks that a slave owner is saving the slave because they take care of them and she claims black people who went into the real world and gained freedom suffered rather than the slaves who stay back home with their masters. Abraham Lincoln describes a scenario in his speech where a snake is a baby's crib and where if you tried to remove the snake it could strike the baby and if you didn't do anything the baby could get struck regardless. He is saying that the crib is the U.S. And the snake is slavery and the baby is our way of live, us, or our economy. I also think he was biased about slavery in the way that he was against it because he is inferring we got to lure the snake out of the crib or contain it in a corner
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