Slavery Was A Cruel And Devastating Trade That Ravished Through The World During The Antebellum Era Essay

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Slavery was a cruel and devastating trade that ravished through the world during the Antebellum Era. For both men and women slavery destroyed their entire lives. They both were ripped form their birthplaces and families and forced to endure exhausting physical tasks day in and day out. Along with the taxing physical responsibilities, slaves men and female were deprived of basic human rights and were subject to physical and psychological humiliation. Slaves in the Antebellum South were beaten, starved, and degraded regardless of their sex and were not seen as people but objects to hold and purchase. However, as slavery progressed gender roles became to form clear gender roles and separation of the sexes. The experience of slavery was gender separated through the work the slaves were assigned, the treatment of their masters, and how their gender affected their value and their sale as property.
Specific tasks and day-to-day work of slaves were gendered divided prominently. Masters often divided their plantations based on gender and which slaves did which work. Male slaves were first considered more valuable because of their brute strength and ability to perform larger physics tasks. Enslaved African men were required to complete labors ranging from plowing fields, using large tools, and building homes and other needed buildings. However, slave buyers turned to buying female slave for field hands not only because they were becoming more readily available but also
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