Slavery Was A Justified Institution

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Slavery was a justified institution in America during most of the 19th century with those supporting it arguing it was a positive good and an economic stabilizer. Southern whites were dependent on slave labor for their economy and were willing to fight, by any means necessary, in order to keep the right to own slaves. Proslavery whites launched a defensive against slavery, which included referring to the Constitution as fair legal justification for their practices, stating the Bible supported it as did the philosophy of the highly respected Aristotle. Southern whites used moral and biblical rationalization through religion, the Constitution and economic disaster to support their opinion of slavery being a justified institution. Proslavery whites believe slavery in America is acceptable based on Christianity, which is the religion that the country is founded. Slave owners believe that God endorsed human slavery in the Bible where in the Old Testament prominent religious men owned slaves. As African Americans are descendants of Noah’s son Ham, slave owners believe that slavery is a just punishment ordained by God, as the consequence of The Curse of Ham. Although slavery was widespread throughout the Roman world Jesus never spoke against it which is why slave masters believe God allowed it. Bringing Christianity to the heathen from Africa, slavery is believed to be a divine institution. Slavery has existed throughout history from Biblical times to the Greeks and Romans and
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