Slavery Was A Part Of Many Societies And Nations Around The World

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Slavery was a part of many societies and nations around the world in times past. There was slavery in North America before the United States was established. However, the United States continued the practice until the Civil War in the mid-1800s. Before the Civil War, slavery and descendants of slaves were much of the backbone and strength of the society and economy of the United States. Slavery really fully developed during the colonial times; boomed in the South during the antebellum times; and finally dissipated after a war proved to be the only way to resolve the controversy. Slavery in the New World started in 1492 when Europeans started migrating, and slaves were brought from Africa to the Americas with the Atlantic Slave Trade during colonial times. Slavery not only brought free labor for the agriculture industry, but also provided a well-paying business in itself. Slave traders would buy slaves from African leaders and then sell them in the Americas (U.S.: A Narrative History, p. 49). The Atlantic Slave Trade lasted from the late 1400s to 1760 (U.S.: A Narrative History, p. 50). African slaves planted and harvested cash crops that served as a main player in the economy of the colonies (U.S.: A Narrative History Textbook, p. 56). Robert Beverly says that slaves in Virginia are responsible for many farming activities (The Differences Between Servants and Slaves, p. 18). By the time the colonies were in the Revolutionary War, Africans or African-Americans made up 20
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