Slavery Was The Civil War For Multiple Reasons

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I think slavery started the civil war for multiple reasons. The slaves were probably way beyond their limits, when it came to cruel and unusual treatment by owners. They wanted to be free; they wanted to see what it feels like to be independent. Make their own money and not get screwed out of their pay. They wanted to be looked and treated as equals of the would to be United States. They did a lot of ground work, and they felt like they deserved respect and a pay out for their dues. I think they should be compensated as well. They were brought here on ships, against their free will, sold to the highest bidder like a showroom car. They worked their tails off day in and day out, under cruel working conditions. The definition of slavery is the practice or system of owning slaves. Google also says slavery is a condition compared to that of a slave in respect of exhausting labor or restricted freedom. Slavery was pretty much frowned upon in the North. Slaves that were in the North were considered to be free but not regular people. They lived in better housing opposed to the slaves living in the south. Slaves down south worked on plantations, mostly picking cotton in the fields. Cotton was the cash crop of the south. The more they harvested the more money they made. The more money they made, the more slaves that were bought. This cycle continued until Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. The cotton gin would remove seeds from the cotton like two or three times as fast as slaves
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