'Slavery Was Unprofitable for Slave Owners”

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“Slavery was unprofitable for slave owners” For numerous centuries land owners were dependent on a free source of labor provided by slaves. They were to pay for these slaves and then allowed to do as they pleased with them. Slaves cooked, cleaned, worked on plantations, and devoted their lives submissive to the orders of their masters. For over 150 years now, historians continue to argue whether or not slaves helped countries as a whole move economically at a faster pace, or whether after calculating the head cost and transporting the slaves, the trade ended up making having little significance to the country pace and the slave owner’s wealth. The Atlantic slave trade, when a massive number of slaves from Africa were taken on enormous…show more content…
Slaves were cheap and there were many of them to go around. Land owners hired many slaves to plant on their plantations, and then harvest for a profit in turn, the more slaves, the more planted, equaling a bigger profit. The more profit earned, the more slaves bought that brought cash to buy the more land. This was a cycle that continued for a plethora of years. While it was cruel and brutal, it was effective in allowing the land owners to spend minimal money and earn profits for a lifetime. Even abolitionists, those who were strongly against slavery, located mostly in the north, never denied the fact that slaves were profiting the slave owners. Slavery began in the new world back in 1619 lasted well into the 1800s, if the slave owners were not benefiting those centuries, they would not have craved more and more slaves to work on their land. It had even been said that slaves were not only a factor in prosperity for large farm owners, but were the key. While it is true that in the south when profits were coming off plantations the north was well advanced and people were paid while they were working in factories, this did not mean the north were better off. The term for the south was “backwardness” because their profits were closed systems and only came off the farm. “The statement that the South was somehow "backward" as a result of slavery is dependent on one 's definition of "backwardness” (Drake 331).” The veracity is though,

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