Essay about Slavery and African Born Slaves

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Sankofa Critical Review Sankofa is a movie about, above all else, the unification and spiritual oneness of all African peoples no matter where they are in the world and no matter what oppression they face. To develop this theme, the movie takes us through the lives of several Africans that were taken from their homes and enslaved. It stars a young woman, Mona, who knows very little of her identity as an African at first, but is transformed into a slave named Shola who works on a plantation where she gains first hand knowledge of the struggles of her people. She meets slaves who are African born and who fight to rebel in order to resist the temptation to assimilate and forget their true, singular identity as Africans. In the…show more content…
On one specific occasion, they rally to help a midwife deliver a baby from a dead woman who had been flogged to death by one of the head slaves. Another example of their unification even against there own kind is that they secretly unite with other slaves from other plantations to find a way to get them all freed, but cannot bring certain slaves for fear of word getting back to their masters. Shola is transformed by her first person experiences as a slave. She begins to understand that to be African is a true and unifying identity, and no matter where or in what point in time they are, all Africans are connected through a single identity. She begins to think far more spiritually; toward the end of the movie she even speaks of flying over the ocean back to Africa to be with her people. She begins to think of herself as a less tangible being, more a spirit or energy in which she is entrapped by her body, which is entrapped by the slave owners. Moreover, by thinking of herself in this way she realizes she can never really be trapped, her spirit and soul are always free, she is in some way liberated by her realization that she is a separate entity from her body and her true self can never really be enslaved. Nunu and Shango are the two main people who help her develop this way of thinking. Because Shola was a slave born in the United States and having never actually lived in Africa, she is void
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