Essay on Slavery and War

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1. What fundamental factors drew the Europeans to the exploration, conquest, and colonization of the New World? There were many fundamental factors that drew the Europeans to the exploration, conquest, and colonization of the World such as natural resources, overpopulation and religion. The European explorations have been hearing a lot about all the natural resources that the New World can offer to them. They wanted to travel and find the Far East for the gold, silk, spices, and possible crops that they may be able to bring back to Europe. They believed that the New World would be able to offer all of the natural resources that they may need in order to survive in Europe. They were also very fond of gold and all the other
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They often did not want to stay in the southern colonies due to the poor advancement it offered. In result, landowners started to use African slavery as their source of labor. They were free and landowners did not have to worry about paying for the African slaves.

3. What efforts were made to strengthen English control over the colonies in the seventeenth century, and why did they generally fail?
After the civil wars that were going on in Europe, England tried to restore their authority on the colonies and make sure that throne was still powerful. After the British throne had been restored by Charles II, he wanted to be able to control his colonies more strictly. However, he was surprised that the orders he have made were not being followed in Massachusetts. The colonies were being taxed a lot by the English and they also sent out governors of their own to try to take charge of the colonies and made sure that the British laws were being enforced. Charles II wanted to continue the English rule in the New World and tried to overpower the colonies. It generally failed because the English were fighting civil wars themselves, and colonies were left insolated for many years. This can be argued in a good and bad way. The colonies started becoming independent and did not like the idea of being ruled under England anymore. They liked the idea that they were free from England’s rule, which foreshadows
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