Slavery and the U.S. government

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Back in the early to mid-1800s, one of the biggest issues was slave trade and the ownership of slaves. The United States was one of the last countries to still allow slavery and at the time, there was much debate as to whether or not slavery should still be allowed. As many people know, this issue was heavily debated over for many years, and eventually, became one of the sparks that started one of the biggest wars this nation has ever encountered. There was much debate at the time as to how the slave trade should be regulated; the southern states believed that slave trade should be decided by the states themselves, while the northern states believed that slave trade should be under federal regulation. As the debates grew more heated, parties began to form on both sides, and different compromises and legislations were passed in an attempt to help mollify one side or the other. Some of those being popular sovereignty as well as the Missouri Compromise; these attempts, however, were ultimately futile, as the civil war did eventually begin. Many events that occurred during this time were all overseen by the U.S. government in some way, whether it is through Congress or through the Supreme Court, and in these two areas, tensions also rose and people began to take sides. Some of the three biggest names in the government at this time were, Henry Clay, John Calhoun, and Daniel Webster; and all three of these men had ties in the issues and debates that were plaguing the government
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