Slavery in the North Failed Because of Its Economic Structure

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Introduction: Slavery was a disgraceful part of our history for many years. Its start grew from a need for a labor source in the new and growing America. The Southern economy thrived from slave labor whereas the North did not rely on the labor of slaves. This paper will prove that slavery failed in the North because in the North there was no need for large labor to support the economic structure compared to the South where slavery was needed to support their economy. There are three main points that will be used to support this. They are; Northern industry and Southern industry were very different, the slave population was smaller in the North because of the different economy in the North, and the smaller slave population and less…show more content…
African Americans in the North could live a much more productive life than in the South whether they were free or slaves and the slave population was not as important and not a necessity because the number of immigrants in the North was much larger in the North. Slaves were found primarily in the South but there was slavery in the North. The overall population was 2-3 percent but in Boston and Newport, 20-25 percent of the population was slave labor. The enslaved were not needed as agricultural workers. Instead, many of the slaves held other positions such as domestic servants, artisans, crafts men, sailors, dockworkers, laundresses and coachmen (Rosenzweig, n.d.) .
Fredrick Douglas escaped from slavery and moved north. While he was in the North, Fredrick wrote:
"The fifth day after my arrival, I put on the clothes of a common laborer, and went upon the wharves in search of work. On my way down Union Street I saw a large pile of coal in front of the house of Rev. Ephraim Peabody, the Unitarian minister. I went to the kitchen door and asked the privilege of bringing in and putting away this coal. 'What will you charge?' said the lady. 'I will leave that to you, madam.' 'You may put it away,' she said. I was not long in accomplishing the job, when the dear lady put into my hand two silver half-dollars. To understand the emotion which swelled my heart as I clasped this money, realizing that I had no master who
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