Slaves to the Corporation: The Private Prison System

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Slaves to the corporation:
An analysis of the private prison system

Inhumane treatment of inmates and poor living conditions seem to be reoccurring issues within the private prison system. Oddly enough the United States government continues to allow the privatizing of prisons when as it stands private companies already owned and/or operate over more than half of the U.S correctional facilities (Mason , 2010). Privatization of prisons was initially expected not only relieve the overcrowding of prisons but also to house inmates for a lesser cost. Yet until this day there is no tangible evidence that private prisons have met these goals. It seems that time and time again private prison companies are costing society much more than they are helping while simultaneously exploiting inmates to make a greater profit. It is evident that the privatization of prisons has created a multi-billion dollar industry at the expense of taxpayers and with the enslavement of prisoners.
What is a prison? The Webster dictionary defines it as an institution in which people are confined to, as punishment for a crime they were convicted of. So, it would be safe to say that their punishment is being imprisoned in the facility. It does not include however; being treated inhumanely or subjected to barbaric living conditions. Thus they are protected under the eighth amendment, against “cruel and unusual punishment”.
“There’s a perception that the private sector is always going to do it more
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