Slayer: A Short Story

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The deed was done, her palm stung as she wrapped it with a bandage, and Spike stood there grinning like a... like a vamp who just fed off the Slayer. "Did you haveta do it while I was still here..." Buffy sighed. There was evidence up to her eyeballs, quite literally in front of her face, that she was the worst Slayer that ever lived. And that was saying something because there had been like a jillion Slayers to ever live. God, she sounded just like a seventeen year old girl to him. Which of course, she was. But still he rolled his eyes. He rolled his eyes very maturely, as he lapped up the last droplet of blood from his top lip. Sweet, and potent, he let it melt on to his tongue and tried to keep his demon at bay while enjoying…show more content…
"I haven't exactly been the do-good Slayer here. You know, with the being here and all. I know that Slayerhood means I get to protect people and fight evil and stuff. And I know that comes with...early expiration. But I wanna be like. Way, way spoiled when I expire." Her face was all scrunched up again; struck with destiny beyond her grasping of it. Spike felt sorry for her, without meaning to. The Slayers he'd... known.... had all been older. Still young women, still in their teens but probably just barely. And he hadn't sent a post card with the date and time of when he was coming. He wasn't sure if that was better or worse. "Would you rather not know?" The softness of his voice struck Buffy. Through the cigarette smoke, and the heavy ew of him drinking her blood, for a second he felt human to her. Well, maybe not human, but rather like a man. Something about his…show more content…
Of course, he'd done a lot of bad in his unlife, and a lot of bad he was proud of, but Catholic guilt didn't cover it with this Slayer. He had too many questions all at once, curiosity always did seem to get the better of him. Especially when it came to Slayers. She was fiddling with her hand's bandage, the bleeding had stopped, Spike knew, and he was struck again by the realization that he found her very interesting. It'd been a long time since he'd talked to a client about anything other than price, and usually bar fights were his preferred method of
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