Sleemans Case Study Essay

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1. Introduction ---------------------------------------------- Pg 3

2. Problem Statement -------------------------------------- Pg 3

3. Analyzing Case Data: I. Industry Analysis --------------------------------Pg 3 II. Competitive Analysis --------------------------- Pg 4 III. Porters Five Forces ------------------------------Pg 4-5 IV. Internal Analysis ---------------------------------Pg 5-6 V. Financial Analysis --------------------------------Pg 6-7

4. Alternatives --------------------------------------------------Pg 7

5. Recommendations ------------------------------------------Pg 7

Sleeman Breweries is back on the streets after a (much earlier) run-in
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* Alternative malt beverage. * Alternative non-alcoholic drinks (from juices to mineral water). * However, beer remains the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. 4. Buyer Bargaining Power: * Low switching costs * Price competition * Increasing health conscience. * Craft-beers and Microbrewers: which are perceived as having higher quality, these characteristics may not always hold 5. Supplier Bargaining Power: * Low * Beer uses only a few ingredients – plentiful sources. * Supplies come from competitive industries which are more fragmented than the beer industry: * Farmers. * Labor (the case of unionized labor). * The more consolidated supplier is that one supplying bottles/cans.

Internal Analysis: Sleeman Breweries Limited since its reopening in the 1988 has experienced growth ever since. With much of the growth coming from the expansion of its core brands and the acquisitions and mergers with existing breweries. SBL strives to be the best craft brewing company in Canada and has been rated as one of Canada’s 50 best managed companies. Sleeman brands were available in every Canadian province but their other acquired brands were only available in certain provinces. This meant that SBL was able to selectively distribute their product and had different demand for their products in other provinces. The
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