Sleep And Non Rem Sleep

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Sleep effects every living organism on the world, whether it is positive or negative it has an impact on everyone. There are many different stages of sleep and each containing its own purpose. Sleep isn’t as simple and unnecessary as many believe it to be; sleep has the power to cause many different disorders and can even cause death if a person is deprived from sleep for too long. Sleep can also effect the brain and how the brain functions on a daily basis. Sleep is an important factor of life that should not be over looked. If enough sleep occurs there are many advantages that can make one’s life more healthy and beneficial. There are distinctive stages of sleep REM sleep and non-REM sleep and about every ninety minutes we cycle through four recognizable sleep stages (Myers D 2014). Non-REM sleep consists for 3 different stages and during each stage it contains its own purpose. Stage one occurs for about 10 minutes and is when a person is lightly sleeping and can be woken up very easily (Mastin 2013). Muscles are still active and movement occurs more frequently such as twitches and the eyes roll around at a slow pace and breathing and heart rates slow down (Mastin 2013). Stage two happens between 45-50 percent of the night at different intervals (Mastin 2013). Muscle activity decreases and it is harder to wake up during this stage; if sounds are heard they are no longer able to make sense of them (Mastin 2013). The last stage: stage three which is also called delta
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