Sleep Apnea Davis Summary

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Sleep Apnea, by Davis, Andrew S, explains the breathing cessations during sleep. Sleep Apnea reduces the amount of oxygen flowing to the brain which causes brain issues. People with sleep apnea usually wake up at night because of the shortness of breathing, then resume back to sleep after adjusting their breathing. Davis states that due to sleep apnea, a few individual has sleeping issues such as snoring, headaches or even find it hard to fall asleep. Sleep apnea is also existed in children (from 0.5% to 3% of the population) which cause them often be crying at night and tired in the next morning. In his writing, Davis states that there are six characteristics of sleep apnea. The most noticeable characteristic is the common nighttime symptoms…show more content…
Although there is a treatment for sleep apnea, the successful treatment requires surgery. Davis states the most successful treatment in children is to remove the child’s tonsils and adenoids. Another treatment that Davis shows in his article is the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) though Davis explains this treatment only splints open the airway and is uncomfortable since the patient has to sleep with a mask. As Davis states a few symptoms of sleep apnea in children previous in his writing, Davis states that children with sleep apnea usually have many special education issues. They might find it hard to concentrate on a certain thing; they usually having behavior and memory issues. Davis further explains that those symptoms mainly come from the children’s sleepiness which caused by sleep apnea. Davis suggests that the parents and teachers should be more observable toward the children since sleep apnea symptoms are similar to attention deficit disorder. Davis encourages that children with sleep apnea should get the specialty since they having trouble on focusing, and they might having difficulty adapt to school or society. Although there are some serious damages that have caused by sleep apnea, Davis suggests the people should be more positive and expected the improvement in our ability to learn and treat sleep
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